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The Havanese were bred to be companions of Cuban aristocracy and are the national dogs of their native Cuba. They’re more than just a lapdog, though. Their happy and affectionate nature has seen them become popular therapy and assistance dogs. You’ll also see them performing in the circus as they’re easily trained and love learning tricks.

Known as Velcro dogs, Havanese like to stick close to their owners. They won’t do well if they’re left alone for most of the day.

Breed Characteristics

Havanese are known for their long, silky coats, which can reach a length of 6 to 8 inches. If left long, the coat will need to be groomed every day. Many owners clip the coat to 1 or 2 inches for easier maintenance. These are small dogs, weighing a maximum of around 13 pounds with a height of just 11 inches.

Their small size makes them easier to exercise, but they are active. Regular walks and games of fetch will allow them to burn off excess energy. Havanese may bark to warn owners of strangers approaching but will generally get on well with new people and pets.

Havanese puppies love cuddles and attention. Maryland Puppies Online can help you find a friendly and healthy dog to join your family.