Male Puppies

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When choosing a puppy, the breed of dog is the most important consideration. A dominant breed is likely to have females that are more assertive than the most aggressive male in a breed known for being cuddly lapdogs. Likewise, friendly breeds will produce friendly dogs, whether male or female. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t differences between the sexes.

Male Characteristics

Physically, males are generally larger than females of the same breed. They will also look more masculine, with a more muscular body that requires more energy, meaning males can be more expensive to feed. Males also tend to mature more slowly. They’re easily distracted when young, which can make them harder to train.

Non-neutered males will also be more protective of their territory and can be aggressive with strangers. Their need to lift their leg to mark their territory can damage plants. Some owners find the males’ tendency to hump annoying or embarrassing. Male dogs also have a greater tendency to roam as they go looking for a mate.

If you’re planning to neuter your dog at a young age, the differences will be less pronounced as the dogs will never go through puberty.

Male dogs are generally considered more loyal, playful and affectionate, and Maryland Puppies Online can help you find the perfect male companion to join your family.