Female Dogs

When tested on their emotional reactivity, both female and male dogs showed very little difference in their behaviors. Many of the differences between males and females tended to be breed-specific; however, there are a few things that set male and female dogs apart, aside from anatomy.

Female Dog Personality Traits

As puppies, there is very little difference between the two. Male dogs and puppies tend to be slightly larger than their female counterparts, but they play and behave the same when they’re young. As they get older, female dogs may be slightly more dependent, while male dogs may be slightly more aggressive until they’ve been neutered. Females go into heat at least twice a year, and if you don’t plan on breeding your dog, it’s more expensive to have a female spayed than it is to have a male dog neutered. Whether or not a female dog is easy to train depends largely on the breed. For example, poodles are pleasing and respond well to training, while malamutes tend to be headstrong and may be more difficult.

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