Ear Mites

What to do About Ear Mites in Puppies?

Ear mites are an unpleasant parasite that lives inside the earn canals of puppies and cats. In fact, dogs are most prone to ear mites and can continue to attract them for their entire life. It is most common to find ear mites in puppies that have long ears. The floppy style allows moisture to be held inside the ear which creates the perfect breeding ground for ear mites. Luckily, ear mites in puppies are one thing that does not need to be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

There are several tell-tale signs that your puppy has ear mites. The first is that they are regularly shaking their head. This will be excessive and typically followed by intense digging of the ear canal. Most puppies will dig so hard into their ear that they will whimper and possibly even yelp. Finally, if your puppy has a distinct foul odor coming from his ears, then this is a sign there may be ear mites. If you use a damp paper towel to clean the ears and see small bits of blackish-brown debris, then this is an indication that there are ear mites.

Most pet stores sell some type of ear mite medication. This comes in a small tube which you will squirt the recommended number of drops in each ear, twice per day for up to 10 days. The first step in treating ear mites is to use ear cleaning wipes or cleanser and clean out the dogs ears of as much debris as possible. You can do this using a small finger and a gentle circular motion. Be careful to not stick your finger down into the ear canal of your animal as this may hurt them. Also, do not use a q-tip because you could cause damage to the ear canal. Next, dry the ear completely using a paper towel. Drop the recommended number of ear mite solution into the dog’s ear and rub gently for one minute. Your puppy will likely shake his head vigorously when you are done. This is ok. Repeat as necessary.

When you stop seeing debris in the ear during the initial cleaning, then you will know that the ear mites are gone. If it persists beyond the 10 day treatment plan, you will need to see a veterinarian. Medications that are typically prescribed for treating ear mites include: invermectin and rotenone. Most of these treatments are administered orally. Vinegar and water is good combination if to clean out the debris if you do not have traditional ear cleaner. Be cautious to not use vinegar if your dog has lesions from scratching with his nails.

Natural oils such as olive oil and garlic oil can also be used to treat ear mites. By placing a few drops in the ear, it will suffocate the mites and cause them to die off. Almond oil and Vitamin E oil are also effective options for a holistic treatment of ear mites. Cleaning the ears regularly will help prevent ear mites. Also be sure to keep your animal away from other dogs that have ear mites as it can easily jump from one animal to another.