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    16 Weeks Old
    Est. Adult Weight: 7-9 lbs.
    • $999.00
  • Choose the product options first
    16 Weeks Old
    Est. Adult Weight: 7-9 lbs.
    • $999.00
  • Tessa- Sweet Natured Yo-Chon Puppy
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    8 Weeks Old
    Est. Adult Weight: 6-8 lbs.
    • $1,799.00
    Expected on Jan 25, 2018


The Yochon, which is sometimes referred to as a Yo Chon dog or Borkie, is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire Terrier. These small and social dogs are typically no taller than 12 inches and weigh 12 pounds or less. Like many smaller mix-breed dogs, Yochons generally live between 10 and 12 years. These small dogs enjoy the company of their families, plenty of play time, and even agility and obedience training. Along with these traits, here are some other important things to know about the yochon breed.

The Best Things About the Yochon Dog

Yochons are curious and highly social animals who like being around their families all the time. In fact, there's a good chance they’ll follow you around the house as you take care of daily chores and tasks. These dogs can do very well in homes with other pets and careful children, especially if the dog has more of the Bichon temperament. Because these dogs are small, they're well-suited to apartment living and will act as great watch dogs in any kind of living environment. However, they are also energetic and playful and will need time every day to play and run around. These dogs make great companions and are ideal for families, couples, singles, and even people who aren't especially active. But the important thing to remember is that these dogs are very social, and don’t like being left alone for long periods.

Training Yochon Puppies

Yochons are both competitive and obedient, which means that training can be quite easy, especially when you use positive reinforcement to encourage their good behavior. They're also smart and eager to please their families, so there's nothing they won’t do for a little praise and a few treats. Along with positive reinforcement, another key to training is consistency, especially when it comes to house training.

Feeding, Grooming, and Caring for Yochons

Yochons are relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming, but they should be brushed at least three times a week to prevent tangles. They also don’t require frequent bathing, and should only be washed when their fur becomes dirty or smelly to prevent dry skin. These dogs are just slightly active, and will generally only need one or two short walks each day (plus plenty of time for play). As with all dogs, it’s good if you can get into a routine of brushing their teeth at least twice a week to prevent tooth and gum problems. When you're looking for Yochon puppies for sale, don’t be surprised if you find dogs with coats that are white, golden, brown, cream, gray, or even black and blond. These dogs have some of the best traits and physical characteristics of both Bichons and Yorkies, and they make loving and adorable companions for families of all types. Yochon dogs are pretty low-maintenance when it comes to grooming and activity, but they do need lots of love, attention, and companionship from their families.