Shih-Tzus are called chrysanthemum dogs because their small and adorable faces are flanked on all sides by a mane of hair that grows out in all directions from their noses at the center, making their faces look like flowers. Here's some more important information about the breed in case you're looking for Shih-Tzu dogs for sale.

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A Regal and Distinctive Appearance

Shih-Tzus are small dogs that weigh between 9 and 16 pounds, and typically stand no more than 10 inches tall. They have long, silky coats that come in a variety of colors, including white and black, plain black, gray and white, and white and red. It’s not uncommon for this breed to have a white-tipped tail and a shock of white on the forehead. One of the most distinctive things about a Shih-Tzu is the face, with its slightly wider lower jaw and the mild under-bite.

What are Shih-Tzus Like?

They are friendly dogs that have been bred to be loving and affectionate companions, and nothing else. As such, don’t expect any of these dogs, from the smaller teacup (teacup-sized) or the larger imperial, to guard, hunt, fetch, herd, or anything else. The sweet-natured and sometimes arrogant ones will be content spending the majority of the day on your lap.

Places Where These Dogs Thrive

Shih-Tzu puppies and adults are not overly energetic dogs, so they're just as happy in a small condo or apartment as they are in a large home. However, these dogs do prefer being indoors, and especially in hot weather they need to be kept in air-conditioned homes, because they’re prone to heat stroke. They aren't very active, so your pup will be content with a short walk every day and some play time in the house or out in the yard.

Grooming and Care

They do shed, however they are still hypoallergenic.  Their coat is made up of hair, and not fur, and does require regular grooming. You can either brush them daily if you want to keep the coat long, or trim their coats short. Either way, these dogs should be bathed weekly. Nails require monthly trimming, and you'll have to wipe the dog’s mouth and eyes daily with a damp cloth to clean up food spills and tears.

When it comes to house training, the secret is being consistent and not leaving your puppy alone until he or she hasn’t had an accident in the house for one to two months. Socialization and training should start at a young age, and successful training depends on lots of praise and plenty of treats.

They make excellent family dogs that are great with children, but their small size makes them somewhat vulnerable to injury, so play should always be supervised when there are young children involved. As long as you start training and socialization when the dog is still a pup, then you'll end up with a loyal and loving pet that will happily greet anybody that comes along, and that will bring cheer to your home for 10 to 16 years.

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