Maltese Puppies For Sale

Maltese Puppies

A Maltese is a friendly and loving companion to have in the home, and when you're looking for a Maltese dog for sale, it can be good to know a few things about the breed before you decide which animal to bring into your family. The main things to know about Maltese is that they're playful, smart, and energetic dogs who need plenty of attention. They're also quite small, so you have to take care that they don’t get hurt in crowded places or when they try to jump from your arms. Beyond that, Maltese are relatively low maintenance and make excellent additions to the family.

What’s the Maltese Dog Temperament Like?

The Maltese is a small dog, typically weighing less than 7 pounds and standing no higher than 10 inches. But don’t let their small size fool you! Maltese are clever, intelligent, and playful, so they love playing games that test their wits and dexterity. When they're not busy playing, Maltese dogs are very gentle and affectionate, and they're good with people and other pets alike.

Good Homes for Maltese Puppies

One of the great things about Maltese puppies is that they don’t require long walks. Although they are energetic, they can get most of the exercise they need by playing around the house or running around the yard. However, it’s necessary that you have a fenced yard that this tiny pup can't escape from because a Maltese could easily get hurt if left unsupervised in the outside world. Maltese dogs can be socialized with other dogs and cats, but they do best in homes without small children, because of how little and delicate they are. However, these dogs thrive in homes where somebody is home most of the time because they are dedicated companion animals.

Grooming, Training, and Caring

Maltese dogs are smart and respond well to positive reinforcement, so they can be easy to train with the right method. However, these dogs sometimes have difficulty with housetraining because they don’t like the cold or damp, so training with indoor puppy pads can prevent accidents. The Maltese is known for its silky white coat, which needs weekly bathing and regular brushing to keep clean and free of tangles. Instead, you can also keep the coat shorn close to prevent mats, which is especially appropriate during the warmer months. Maltese puppies are among the cutest dogs around, and even full-grown dogs of this breed are still tiny and incredibly adorable. These dogs can thrive in large spaces, apartments, and small spaces alike, as long as they have some room to run around inside and play. When you're looking for Maltese puppies for sale, look for a dog that’s not too shy but also not too rambunctious, because this will ensure an even temperament. Before bringing your puppy home, make sure you have some puppy pads ready to start with training, and you might want to get a few coats as well to prevent chills during the cooler months.